“Pro and con tourniquet arguments can be reconciled with a change in thinking that tourniquet best practice is not a question of if we use them or not but how and when do we best use them. Tourniquet abolitionists banned them when they were poorly designed, used for the wrong patient at the wrong time, or they were used in the wrong way.”

“Tourniquets used after the patient bled to death, lost vital signs, or were in shock were applied too late and led to 10% survival, whereas early use led to 90% survival.”
“The amount of blood lost from limb-injured casualties is commonly underestimated.”

Kragh: Minor Morbidity With Emergency Tourniquet Use to Stop Bleeding in Severe Limb Trauma: Research, History, and Reconciling Advocates and Abolitionists. Military Medicine, 176, 7:817, 2011