Suction Easy™ Manual Suction Device

Suction Easy™ Manual Suction Device

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Product Weight: 210 g
NSN Number: 6515-99-676-5123
Single Use Product

Suction Easy™ is a portable oral suction device used to effectively clear the oral pharynx. To allow for suctioning of endotracheal tubes we supply each Suction Easy™ with a connector that fits directly onto the Suction Easy™ tube for attachment and use of a suction catheter.
It is small enough to fit inside a emergency medical bag or carried in a pocket. Simple operation is accomplished by squeezing the bulb and the rebound effect forces bulb contents into the collection bag. The Suction Easy™ comes in a bag that can reused to dispose of the used device.

• Lightweight
• Rugged
• Single-Use

• Packs Easily
• Re-Usable for Training
• Simple Operation
• Temperature Tolerance -12°C to +60°C
• Vacuum Force 100mm Hg