QuikClot® Z-Folded Gauze™ - Silver Foil Packaging

QuikClot® Z-Folded Gauze™ - Silver Foil Packaging

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Dimensions Opened: 7.6 x 365 cm
Weight: 60 g
Single Use Product

QuikClot® products all started with the U.S. military and are now part of worldwide emergency medical standards. The Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) recommends QuikClot® as the first choice for compressible, external hemorrhage that is not amenable to tourniquet use and for use upon tourniquet removal. The QuikClot® Z-Folded Gauze™ uses the same kaolin as all other QuikClot® products. The intrinsic blood coagulation is activated by factor XII and accelerates blood clotting. Venous and arterial bleeding can be controlled easily and quickly.

Both QuikClot® Z-Folded Gauze™ products have X-Ray detectable strips to provide for easy identification under X-Ray, making them safe for wound packing. The silver foiled, peel-open packaging allows for correct product opening conditions onto a sterile field in emergency departments, operating rooms and patient treatment rooms.