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Thermal Protection

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QinFlow Warrior AC Module

QinFlow Warrior AC Module

 1.840,00 excl. VAT

The purpose of the QinFlow Warrior (QIF™) is to warm up patients, thus improving their survival. Hypothermia occurs in 67% of trauma patients and their survivability rates improve considerably when normal body temperature can be reached and maintained. The QinFlow Warrior (QIF™) is an intravenous blood and fluid warmer that consists of a base unit and a disposable IV tubing system.
For the purpose of “field use”, the base unit is battery operated. The battery can easily be switched over to the AC module for use in areas such as ambulance cars and hospitals.
Simple to operate, the QinFlow Warrior has only one button to push and within eleven seconds of being turned on the QinFlow Warrior is warmed up and ready to go. Vertical or horizontal positioning of the device does not affect it’s function. Place it where and how you need to.
Safety features include the ability to identify backward flow, air bubbles and occlusions. With a fluid output temperature of 38°C, up to three liters of fluid (starting at 4°C) or five liters (starting at 20°C) can be delivered using one battery.