Nasopharyngeal Airway - Latex-Free

Nasopharyngeal Airway - Latex-Free

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Single Use Product


Nasopharyngeal airways provides flexible and simple access to secure a patient’s airway. As the name implies, it is inserted through the nose and can be used on both conscious and unconscious patients. The tube has a flared proximal end to prevent it from entering too deeply. The 170 mm length allows it to reach the back of the throat providing clear air passage. Each tube has an adjustable flange to adjust the length. To ease in insertion each Nasopharyngeal tubes come with a 5g package of lubricant.
Three models are provided: Silkolatex, Latex-free and soft rubber. The more common sizes for adult use are the 26 and 28 GR, but other sizes are available.


26F, 28F