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Thermal Protection

The products are from now on no longer available. More Information

MediWrap® BabyWrap®

MediWrap® BabyWrap®

 5,63 excl. VAT

Dimensions Packed: 11 x 16 x 1 cm
Dimensions Opened: 60 x 60 cm
Weight: 145 g
Single Use Product

MediWrap® products are ideal for the protection of casualties and victims of any age to help prevent the onset of trauma induced hypothermia. Widely used by emergency first responders for stabilization prior to hospital arrival, they are lightweight, easy to store and easy to carry.

All MediWrap® products are highly thermal retentive and help prevent convective, conductive, evaporative, and radiative heat loss.

The BabyWrap® is ideal for small babies and infants needing to be kept warm during transfers. It has a built in hood to enable the head and body to be completely covered yet leave the face clear. The wrap has no fasteners or straps and can be used alone with no need for additional blankets or covers.