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Thermal Protection

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Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit (HPMK®)

Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit (HPMK®)

 116,50 excl. VAT

Dimensions Packed: 14.2 x 22 x 26.6 cm
Dimensions Opened: 198 x 109 cm
Weight: 1.6 kg
NSN Number: 6515-01-5532-8065

The Hypothermia Prevention and Management Kit (HPMK®) is a vacuum-packed complete system for the prevention and treatment of hypothermia. It is recommended by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (COTCCC) during casualty care to manage and further prevent hypothermia. The outside blanket is a reinforced Heat Protective Shell that is strong, flexible and protects against rain and wind. Its tapered, conical shape provides close protection to the casualty and Velcro closure enables easy access for medical treatment.
The active warming component is supplied by a blanket that generates heat when exposed to ambient air. The active warming blanket provides heat for up to 10 hours.
The HPMK® components, both the outer Heat Protective Shell and the active warming blanket, are vacuumed packed in rugged packaging to minimize storage and carrying space requirements.