Halo™ Unvented Chest Seal - Pack 2

Halo™ Unvented Chest Seal - Pack 2

 19,35 excl. VAT

Package Dimensions: 19 x 27 cm
Package Weight: 114 g
Seal Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm
Seal Weight: 57 g
NSN Number: 6510-01-581-0553
Single Use Product

The Halo Chest Seals™ oval shape and the size of 14 x 21 cm are its most characteristic features. It is designed without a valve and coated with an excellent adhesive, hydrophilic gel. For ease of use, the Halo Chest Seals™ has a particularly wide flap to assist in removing the protective film.

• Unvented
• Strong hydrogel adhesive that works even with excessive blood and perspiration
• Large pull away tab for rapid application
• Two seals per resealable pack, allowing for closure if only one seal is used
• Easily used as an adhesive bandage to hold other wound dressings in place
• Temperature tolerance of -2° – +36°C
• 100% Translucent allowing for wound visualization
• Three year shelf life from the date of manufacturing
• Latex-free
• Contours easily to the body, providing optimal wound occlusion