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Patient Transfer

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Flexislide® Patient Transfer Sheet (Price break on box of 50)

Flexislide® Patient Transfer Sheet (Price break on box of 50)

 167,50 excl. VAT

Box Quantity: 50 Pieces
Box Dimensions: 63 x 38 x 42 cm
Box Weight: 1,680 g
Dimensions Unopened: 27 x 15 x 4 cm
Dimensions Opened: 115 x 198 cm
Weight: 336 g
Single Use Product
Supports weight up to 424 kg
Do not use for lifting

The FlexiSlide® is a single-use patient transfer sheet ideal for prehospital and hospital use. It is of particular value for moving patients between varied procedures in the Emergency Department,
Operating Room, Radiology, Maternity and other procedural rooms. The FlexiSlide® provides a cross-contamination barrier between the patient and equipment and makes patient transfer and handling easier, benefiting both patients and caregivers.
FlexiSlide® transfer sheets are made of latex-free polypropylene and come individually wrapped. They are available per piece or in boxes of 50. The FlexiSlide® is a “transfer sheet” and should not be used for lifting or carrying patients. For transfer purposes it has been tested at load bearing of 424 kg.