Patient Transfer

FAST Stretcher - Box 10

FAST Stretcher - Box 10

 111,00 excl. VAT

Dimensions Opened: 193 x 76 cm

The reusable FAST Stretcher is an easy to use rescue tool that offers real value for money. With ten carrying handles, it is light, compact and has a load capacity of more than 225 kg. After use it can be washed at 60 °c and then re-used if there are no signs of wear and damage. It is ideal for large-scale evacuations when the availability of larger stretchers is not possible. Each FAST Stretcher is individually wrapped and comes in boxes of 10 pieces.

• 10 handles allow for several rescuers to assist in transport if needed for larger patients
• Can be used by 2 – 6 rescuers but 4 rescuers are recommended for normal transport
• Water resistant and leak proof fabric