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Tactical Equipment

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XTract® SR Element Protection System (EPS) - Green

XTract® SR Element Protection System (EPS) - Green

 142,40 excl. VAT

XTract® SR Stretcher w/o Sled Base Weight: 1,250 g
XTract® SR Stretcher Opened: 96 x 208 cm
XTract® SR Stretcher Max. Load: 300 kg
XTract® SR Complete System Packed: 56 x 26 cm
XTract® SR Complete System Weight: 4,500 g
Element Protection System (EPS) Weight: 400 g

The XTract® SR is a lightweight, compact rescue stretcher designed for rapid extraction of a seriously injured casualty from a hostile environment.  It provides a modular approach, providing the rescuer the ability to configure and use as required for each situation.  It is designed to cocoon the casualty, helping to secure and protect medical interventions and to prevent secondary injuries.

The XTract® SR „Complete“ System comes in a carrying bag which includes the XTract® SR stretcher with a sled base for drag extractions and straps for lifting, dragging or hands-free carrying.

An “Element Protection System“ (EPS) is available as a separate item that can be used as a cover over the casualty for added warmth and water protection.