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Thermal Protection

The products are from now on no longer available. More Information

Blizzard Reflexcell™ Beanie Cap

Blizzard Reflexcell™ Beanie Cap

 3,43 excl. VAT

Dimensions Packed: 10 x 7 x 1 cm
Weight: 15 g

Blizzard Reflexcell™ products have a cellular construction that traps warm air. Embedded elastic bands pull the material to the body thereby reducing cold spaces and heat loss by convection.
The inner lining has a silver reflective surface to block heat loss by radiation and very fine perforations to trap the body heat that is naturally being generated. All Blizzard products are
completely waterproof and windproof.
The Blizzard range of products support the needs of civilian, military and police emergency rescuers. Each Blizzard product is vacuumed packed to meet minimum storage space requirement
and can be stored indefinitely. Individuals who use the Blizzard for their own private use can fold them for re-use over and over again.

The Beanie Cap is a high performing insulating hat which is waterproof and windproof. It can be used alone or under other head gear for extra insulation.

Blizzard Survival Video