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Thermal Protection

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Blizzard Heat Blanket

Blizzard Heat Blanket

 82,47 excl. VAT

Dimensions Packed: 32 x 21 x 8 cm
Dimensions Opened: 200 x 240 cm
Weight: 1,500 g
NSN Number: 6515-01-532-8056 – Military Green
NSN Number: 7210-99-858-2053 – Orange
Single Use Product


The Blizzard Reflexcell™ Heat combines both active and passive warming properties. The passive insulating properties and protection against wind that made Blizzard products famous are now combined with integrated active thermal heating pads. The passive warming properties trap warm air and reduce cold spaces. An addition to this blanket are Velcro front and side closures for ease of repeated access to the patient. An integrated hood provides secure head coverage and the drawcord at the feet makes for full closure and insulation protection.
As with all Blizzard Reflexcell™ products, the Reflexcell ™ Heat is vacuum packed, minimizing storage and carrying space requirements.

The Blizzard Reflexcell™ Heat active warming components are four separate heating pads, attached by Velcro inside the blanket. These pads are activated upon exposure to ambient air Two pads are positioned over the torso and two pads by the groin/ lower abdominal region. Each pad contains both slow heating and fast heating cells to maintain their heat for up to 12 – 14 hours.
Blizzard Reflexcell™ Heat, after removal of the active warming pads, can be left on patients during X-rays and CT procedures. The active warming pads are not X-ray / CT permeable.


Orange, Military Green

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