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Thermal Protection

The products are from now on no longer available. More Information

APLS Thermal Guard

APLS Thermal Guard

 341,00 excl. VAT

Dimensions Opened: 83.82 x 231.14 cm
Weight: 3,100 g
NSN Number: 6530-01-563-6008
Single Use Product
Supports weight up to 201 kg
Absorbs up to 4.5 L blood or body fluids

Absorbent Patient Litter Systems (APLS) are disposable transport systems with eight carrying handles to rescue patients. They combine maximum hypothermia protection with the ability to easily evacuate casualties. Made of sturdy nylon, all APLS products are easily closed to protect against rain and wind. The inner lining is aluminium coated to reflect and capture body heat.
APLS products are different from other disposable transport systems. The main core is made of an absorbent cellulose that retains blood and body fluids to keep them away from the patient. This provides more comfort for the casualty and promotes body warming.
Each APLS product has Velcro closure to add protection but also allow rapid access for continued medical treatment. A hooded head piece further reduces heat loss but can be removed if not needed.
All APLS products are vacuum-packed and easy to store.

Four variations:
Lifeguard, Mylar, Rigid and Thermal Guard