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Thermal Protection

The products are from now on no longer available. More Information

APLS Life Guard

APLS Life Guard

 107,00 excl. VAT

Dimensions Opened: 81.28 x 205.74 cm
Weight: 650 g
Single Use Product
Supports weight up to 158.76 kg
Absorbs up to 1.25 L blood or body fluids

The APLS Life Guard is the newest APLS product from Paper Pak Industries. It is an extremely portable, light weight litter that provides both thermal and absorbent protection during emergency rescues and evacuations.

The Life Guard has highly absorbent cellulose core wicks that pulls fluids away from the patient, adding to it’s protection. A robust Velcro zipper provides easy access to the patient and eight padded handles enable first responders to quickly transport the patient.